Japan Tour 2015 – Day 4

Today we woke up to a warm, bright and sunny morning- YAY! We went down to get breakfast at about 8:30am and every one except Hyde Sensei got the western style buffet. By 10am everyone had their bags packed and sent to Kyoto, and we were ready to go to Tokyo’s SKYTREE. Once we got to SKYTREE, we had to stand in line for just over an hour and purchase our tickets. Hyde Sensei then gave us an hour to explore the 3 floors of Sky Tree. This is where things got a bit interesting…..

After the hour was up, everyone went back to the meeting point that was arranged. However, the only people that didn’t show up were Hyde Sensei and Mr Rosenblatt. So, all of the students waited 350 metres up in the air for just under an hour, until we decided to use our emergency call lanyards. Miya was able to talk to one of the security guards in Japanese and ask him if he would be able to call Hyde Sensei. Eventually we discovered that the teachers were on the 5th floor of the Sky Tree waiting for us to come down. The natural path of the tower leads you to the bottom rather than the top so once again our teachers were being too logical!

After we found them, we decided that we should all go and have sushi for lunch. I tried raw fish for the first time and Harrison tried sushi for the first time of his life as well. It was surprisingly good and we both enjoyed it thoroughly and plan to eat plenty more before we return home. Japanese sushi is completely different to our sushi back home! After sushi, it was a mad rush to get to the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) which departed at 4:07pm. Fortunately, everyone in the group is fit enough to run up a few flights of stairs and dodge the massive crowds. While we were on the Shinkansen, I tried to get some sleep and listened to some music, Rhiannon and Evelyn took a whole lot of selfies while they pulled silly faces, while Miya, Harrison and Aidan just had a long chat on the first half of the ride and of course Aidan slept like he always does. He has become a champion Japanese power napper! On the second half of the ride, everyone was talking about their friends, movies and how they like their men (noodles). Once we got off the Shinkansen, we stopped by a mini bakery and Meron San (me) got some Meron Pan (Melon Bread). The final stop of the day was at a small convenience store so that everyone could get some ice-cream for dessert before bed. I am highly looking forward to going to the Hiroshima Memorial Museum tomorrow. It has also been quite surprising how much Japanese we can actually speak and understand while people are talking to us everyday!

– Meron San (Cameron) *for those who don’t know, a meron is a “melon” (watermelon, rockmelon or honeydew melon) 😉 IMG_0105 IMG_0112 IMG_8681 IMG_0107 IMG_0106 IMG_0104 IMG_8674 IMG_8678 IMG_8679


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