Japan Tour 2015 – Day 3

Our second day in Japan has flown by seeing us spending more time with my Japanese sister Midori while visiting Tsukiji fish markets, Miraikan (Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) and Ghilbli Museum.

The start of the day at Tsukiji was such a culturally enriching experience allowing us to get amongst the locals and see where Japanese people shop and the foods they eat on a daily basis. We were also privileged to be privy to some of the best seafood in the world!! There were stalls upon stalls of ultra fresh salmon, tuna, octopus, squid and every edible marine creature you could think of. These were accompanied by some other incredible stalls, including those that make knives on premise. This was an amazing art to watch as the men formed handles and sharpened steel. Something that brought great joy to Midori, a metal work enthusiast, and this put a huge smile on her face and therefore ours. We were also surrounded by many stalls selling all kinds of fresh and pickled produce (Japanese people LOVE their pickles!). One stall was even selling some very special mushrooms for 11,000 yen. There was also another stall that sold gelato, in Japan it is common to see green tea and black sesame flavoured gelato but at this stall we found another very interesting one, ebi or prawn gelato. Yes, prawn…nobody tried it. It was so special to me to spend the day with my sister absorbing Japanese life and sharing our love for seafood and fresh produce.

After Tsukiji we paid a visit to the Miraikan museum. This place is best well known for its robot demonstrations through the development of Asimo the robot. We unfortunately weren’t able to see these demonstrations today but instead were lucky enough to experience a Pokemon exhibit where we were able to try and guess the Pokemon inside the pokeball using a series of machines. The museum in other sections also had research experiences running that looked at your posture and gait, as well as machines that showed where earthquakes and tsunamis had struck in the last two years all over the world. Australia has had a few earthquakes recently as we know! From here we then had a quick lunch before heading out to the Ghibli Museum.

Heading to the Ghibli Museum required a few train changes but our lovely Japanese guide, Midori, had a little difficulty, sending us on a train in the wrong direction and with many wrong turns after that. In her way though it was all laughed off and only brought more enjoyment to the day. When we finally made it to the Ghibli museum though what a sight it was, this quaint yet large and majestic house that appeared to be set in the countryside like something you would find in a fairytale. It was such a wonderful surprise to our day! Once we entered inside it only became more magical opening to a large staircase that we followed down to discover we were on the base of a three storey museum in a Ghibli fairytale house. This entire place was absolutely incredible and its beauty and wonder can not be described in words. It is a place truly to be seen, it’s aesthetics and the knowledge it gives you behind the art of making animation are a keepsake for life. So many rooms in the museum were set up like the people behind the animation were still there working and they were very hands on allowing us to move through the rooms, exploring the Ghibli world.

After Ghibli we went to dinner, savouring our last meal with Midori while laughing and sharing jokes. But it was all over too soon before we were headed to the train station, hugging Midori goodbye and saying mata ne (see you later) rather than sayonara (goodbye). We were right to say that too because when we got onto the train she was the platform across from us, so we waved and waved while blowing kisses and love hearts as the train rolled away ready for tomorrow’s adventures. Rhiannon IMG_8620 IMG_8612 IMG_0079 IMG_0069 IMG_0065


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