The anticipation, the excitement…. Only two more sleeps!!!

A group of six senior students studying Japanese have the opportunity to travel to Japan in the September holidays. We will see many old temples and monuments, place cranes at Sadako’s memorial and live with a Japanese family. We are especially looking forward to seeing all the old temples and finally meeting our host families who we have been in contact with for the last few weeks. We hope to fully experience the cultural life and unique lifestyle of the Japanese people during our visit. Harrison Cook and Miya Tsurushima (Year 10) 

I have never left Australia before, which is why having the experience of going to Japan is going to be all the more exciting for me! I have an entire cocktail of emotions running through my head in the build up to my trip to Japan. Fear, anticipation, anxiousness, joy, gratitude and excitement!!! The thing I am most excited about is staying with another family for a sort time. It will be interesting living in another culture for a week, and trying new things! As a vegetarian, it will be interesting trying out some new Japanese vegetarian dishes, and tasting some of the incredible cuisine that they have to offer. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity that has been given to me, and I am so keen to put all of my Japanese skills to the ultimate test!! Evelyn Duthie (Year 11)

I’m looking forward to practicing my Japanese and improving my conversation skills. I can’t wait to see my mate Naoki again, whom I hosted back in July, and meet his family and see where and how he lives. It’s so great that we can host each other. Japan is an amazing place to visit and I am looking forward to seeing many interesting things there. It will be great to see some amazing cultural icons of Japan such as the ancient capital Kyoto. I’m so excited for this Wednesday when we will leave, and can’t wait to come home and tell everyone about this amazing experience. Aidan Brierley (Year 12)
It’s pretty scary to think that we will be in Japan in just a few days. I am really looking forward to trying all the new food and putting my Japanese skills to the test. I am very excited for the Karaoke night and going to all of the Japanese shrines. However, I am most excited to go our sister school and getting to see my host buddy again and meeting his family. I am looking forward to making a lot of fond memories with the other students going on the Japan tour. Cameron Greenaway (Year 10)
The trip to Japan this week will be my second tour through school to Japan. I chose to join the tour again because of the amount of joy it brought me last time, the amazing things I learnt, the people I met and a great love for Japan that was certainly fostered on my last tour. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Midori again, a past student teacher form Japan who I’ve shared a close bond with.  As well as this I can’t wait to get back to Hiroshima, especially as this year marks 70 years since the atomic bomb fell. Hiroshima is such a special place, it has been through so much turmoil but shows so much hope, growth and peace. A new place for me that we’re going to on the tour is the Tsukiji Fish markets. These are the largest fish markets in the world and are located within the megacity of Tokyo. This market handles over 2000 tons of marine products everyday. I can’t wait to get amongst the locals there and get a glimpse into an informal Japanese institution. Rhiannon Farr (Year 11)

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