Day 14

Today was our first day to have our plans affected by some rain, so we headed for indoors to start the day! Tokyo is one of the largest and by far one of the most amazing cities in the world. After visiting the Edo Tokyo museum dedicated to the progression of this astounding city, we learnt the history of Tokyo is as profound as it’s industry and population. Whilst the older aspects of Tokyo are interesting, to many, the most popular time in Tokyo history is that of the 30s to 40s. It was amazing to see how aspects of ancient life transcended into this time period with evidence of progressive change also. Then, knowing the culture of Australia in the 30s, it was both easy and enlightening to compare and contrast said countries.

After our trip to the museum we jumped on the train to Akihabara, which was a short two stops away. Akihabara is pretty much the Japanese home of electronics, manga and anime. After an exuberant lunch in a lovely building, we set out for our mega shopping trip, planning to meet at the local pharmacy after time for serious shopping! We had fun spending about an hour and a half running around, jumping in and out of stores, trying to find things we liked and avoiding things that were definitely not to our tastes. After having our adventure around Akihabara, we got together and discussed our separate purchases, before heading to the train bound for Shibuya.

When we arrived in Shibuya we were absolutely shocked on how packed the famous Hachiko’s crossing was to get to and from the train station. Before we headed across the crossing we stopped at Hachiko’s statue which has major significance to the city. The story of Hachiko is about a dog who waited at the train station everyday for his owner to come home, and one day this didn’t happen. The owner had died at work during the day. However, Hachiko still waited everyday for him to come home until he himself eventually died, 9 years after the owner passed away.

After weaving our way through the masses of people using this world famous crossing, we then went shopping in one of the streets around the city which was mainly based on fashion and only a few things, mainly shoes, were bought. After shopping we found a convenience store for dinner which would be our last “konbini” dinner for the trip. After our tummies were full everyone headed to the arcade to have an hour and half of fun. After much fun playing various games and taking many “purikura” we headed back to our hotel, taking in the night view of Tokyo Tower nearby, to start our packing for our homeward bound journey tomorrow.














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