Day 13

Today was a really relaxed day! We got up for breakfast at 8am and had one of two possible choices for breakfast- a western style or Japanese style breakfast. We left the hotel at 10am headed for Harajuku, and before arriving at the infamous shopping street Takeshita Dori, we visited Meiji Jingu Shrine. We have become so adept to the customs associated with visiting shrines that today we didn’t even need any reminders from Hyde Sensei. Whilst at the shrine we were fortunate to see many traditionally dressed men, women and children who were attending a wedding. We were all amazed at such a beautiful and tranquil place tucked away amongst one of the busiest and popular shopping precincts in all of Tokyo.

After visiting Meiji Jingu, much to our delight we finally made our way to Takeshita Dori. This long and narrow street was packed with thousands of people and a variety of small shop fronts offering items such as clothes, accessories, food and other various products that we’d never seen back home. We spent 2 hours walking the length of this road and visited many stores including the famous 4 storey ¥100 store. Once we had woven our way back to the exit of Takeshita Dori, we made other stops at Forever 21, ABC Mart and Nike. As the sun started to set we caught a train to Ikebukuro and visited the Sunshine 60 building observatory to enjoy the view of Tokyo at night. This sight was absolutely awesome!!!! Sunshine 60’s observation deck has an enclosed lower level and an upper open air “sky deck”, located on the top floor of the 240 meter tall Sunshine 60 skyscraper. It is 80m taller than the Eiffel Tower!

After soaking up the night view of Tokyo that stretched as far as the eye could see, we decided to eat sushi for dinner. Due to the menu being completely in Japanese and a few of us making some interesting choices, I myself, seemed to have ordered 72 sushi rolls!!! Luckily Aussie and Ryan ate half of them for me, so in the end I only had to eat 36 and they were small enough to still not be completely full. Ordering 72 sushi rolls was not intended at the beginning, but it happened and everyone got a good laugh from it in the end. The staff must of been wondering what was going on when we ordered 200+ sushi. Overall today was yet again another busy but extremely fun and exciting day!













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