After two and a half days at school and seeing places around Ichihara City, the group headed for a calm and a relaxing day at Disneyland with their host student. Everyone arrived at 9am at the front entrance ready for a fun day in the magical place of Disneyland. For some people it was their first time going to Disneyland, so they stayed as a big group so that the people who already knew their way around could guide them around the park and make sure everyone enjoyed their time.

There were many popular rides and with group discussions we sorted out what rides we would get fast passes for, which takes you through the waiting line quicker, and there is no need to queue for an hour or more. As the day went on, the whole group started bonding with some of the other Japanese host students, and even within our little Faith group we learned new things about each other.

Around 3:45pm we spotted all of our teachers from Ichihara and Faith and decided to go with them on a 3-D simulation ride. Half way through the wait we decided to sing a big Happy Birthday to Ryan and everyone enjoyed singing it to him, even strangers around us!! At 4pm we said goodbye to the teachers till Monday, and after a quick group discussion we decided that all of the Faith students would go on the merry go round and also some of the host students would hop on while the rest of the group filmed us going round on our phones.

Then we headed for big Thunder Mountain and found easy ways to pass the time waiting with some serious Mario Kart racing on DS and a few games of eye spy. While we were waiting in line for this attraction, we began bonding even more, then the ride came and we had some great times on this ride! We then had another group discussion about wether or not we go to Splash Mountain or get dinner and if others should find a spot for the night parade. In the end the group decided to get dinner and watch the magical parade for half an hour. After the parade the group did some shopping and planned to do Splash Mountain after shopping with our fast passes that we got earlier. After a decent time shopping, we headed to Splash Mountain to end our wonderful day at Disneyland, where our group photo was taken, and some people even bought a copy of the photo to cherish that memory forever. Hopefully we will come back to Tokyo Disneyland in the near future.














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