Day 6

We kicked off today after our first night in Kyoto Station Hotel and our first experience sleeping in a tatami room. It was unique and I could speak for everyone saying that it felt AMAZING!!! We went down to our buffet breakfast and then sent our suitcases off to Chiba (near to Tokyo). After breakfast, the majority of the morning was spent searching for wifi in nearby cafes and restaurants to post last nights blog. During this trek for wifi, we came across some lovely people who were very helpful and a good opportunity to practise our Japanese. After we had finally found wifi at the Kyoto train station, we were back on track with the days plans which involved visiting multiple temples and landmarks. It is fair to say that there is some truly OUTSTANDING food here in Japan and most of us cant get enough of it. It just makes it that much better when eating food from a different culture because we never have such fresh fish, pork, beef and egg, in fact basically anything you can think of! Even when we choose to eat at a local convenience store, it is still delicious!

A few highlights of this amazing day include; me personally having Starbucks for the first time, Lilliana wanting to buy a whole packet of rubber bands, temporarily losing Austin at the Fushimi Inari Shrine as he investigated family shrines, Karaoke which was awesome and lastly we have just about established that Mr Popes favourite saying of this trip is “WOW!!!” Everybody was really looking forward to Karaoke because we missed out on doing it yesterday. Everyone was pumped to use their vocal chords to the max!!! I don’t know who the best singer was but my vote had to be Sam with his awesome dance moves and singing just about every song at the top of his lungs.

WOOHOO!! TOMORROW WE GET TO SEE OUR HOST FAMILIES!!!! Every one is sooo excited for the wonderful experience we are going to have for the next five days living with a Japanese family and embracing their ways of living compared to Western society. I myself am also excited for my birthday which is also in five days when I’m with my host family!!!!! It is a once of a life time experience to have your birthday in Japan which makes it that much better. To finish off, I would have to say that this has to be the best group of guys and girls that I have ever been with and I cannot thank Miss Hyde, Mr Pope and Midori enough for the huge amount of work they have done to make this trip possible. This journey will never be forgotten as one of the best experiences of my life.










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