Day 2

We woke up early this morning, even though we were meant to have a big sleep in! We set off around 10:30 and hopped on the train, where we transferred to the Osaka line and hopped off at Universal City, and wow it was HUUUUUUGE! Universal City is a set of themed shops and the like that look fantastic, but they were only the entrance to the park that is Universal Studios. This place was Titanic in proportion 😉 and so were the rides! We participated in attractions such as the Jaws themed boat ride, which is a rail based boat ride with huge sharks and explosions! Many of us went on the ‘Hollywood Dream’, the biggest roller coaster out! This coaster towered above the rest of the park, and the of the ride was incredible! The ‘Back To The Future’ ride featured a life sized model of the time machine and some incredible sounds and sights! As the day started to end and the sky turned dark, we gathered in the main square in preparation to go home, however hordes of zombies appeared all around Universal Studios in celebration of the upcoming Halloween, and the zombies had fun scaring the sightseer’s, attacking some well disguised actors and generally making the evening quite special. As we exited the studio they had fake radiation checking stations to make sure we weren’t infected by the ‘Thriller’ virus. On the way out we stopped by several stores before catching the train home, eating dinner in a little restaurant outside of the station. The rest of the crew is currently getting ready for bed, and I am sitting in the foyer, winding down after a long and exciting day. I can’t believe this is only day two and the experiences are already worth so much more than the time we have spent here, I’m sorry to say, but I don’t miss home right now!







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